Artist Gallery

Barbara Reich, PSWC
  • Emerald Coast Palm
  • Top of the Dunes
Bob Palmerton Pastels
Brenda L. Ochodnicky
Catherine McCormick
Jill Stefani Wagner, PSA-MP
  • Winter pastel landscape painting of an early morning snowfall in Michigan filled with crisp light.
  • Plein air pastel landscape painting of an old farm and golden field in August.
  • Pastel waterscape painting of an extreme close up view of water and shadows beneath a lake dock.
  • Pastel waterscape painting of light filtering through Michigan trees and illuminating a riverbed.
  • Long shadows cascade across and old tuscan road in warm late afternoon sun in this Italian pastel landscape painting.
Kathleen Kalinowski
  • Garden - pastel
  • Haybales - pastel
  • Lake Michigan Waves - pastel
  • Sunrise on Michigan Lake
  • Hollyhocks
  • Trillium Woods
Marianna Defer-Pfeifer
Patricia Baade Heupher
  • Portraiture, pastel
  • Still Life
  • Still Life
  • Pet Portrait, pastel painting from 3-4 home photos, $100 +
  • Landscape, pastel painting; avaiable for commissioned work
  • River Scene, Winter
Phillip Monteith, PSA, CPP
Vianna Szabo, PSA, IAPS EP