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Bob Palmerton specializes in painting landscapes with soft pastels.  Among Bob’s many subjects, his favorites include farm and woodland scenes throughout Southeast Michigan, the beach at Breezy Point in his native New York, and the mountains, rocks and streams found on hiking excursions in the National Parks.

Bob finds that pastels are particularly satisfying due to the breadth of colors, values and levels of intensity that are available, as well as the convenience and portability of the medium.  Paintings are started on site or from digital photographs, and are completed in Bob’s Saline, Michigan studio.  Digital technology allows Bob to zoom into landscape details as well as to alter color saturation and perform value (gray scale) studies to capture the most out of his landscape scenes.  Bob Palmerton began painting in oils in his early teens, and discovered pastel paintings shortly thereafter.  Bob obtains much of his inspiration for his paintings from his half-day biking excursions through Southeast Michigan, and on family hikes with his wife Mary and their three children. 

Bob has taught landscape painting at the 212 Art Center in Saline and is currently an instructor at the Michigan Art Center.  Bob's paintings have been selected by various national competitions and he has participated in several Michigan-based art fairs.

Bob's blog features pastel painting and landscape art techniques.  Visit