Susan Flanagan

Susan Flanagan

My pastel art is my way of interpreting and conveying the beauty of the moment that I am unable to express in words. It is more than a record of the visual world. It is a memory of an experience. I want the viewer to enjoy the mystery of that moment. The challenge and fun is to express an emotional response on a two dimensional surface.

I have been painting in pastel for twenty years and have studied with many well known contemporary pastel artists like Albert Handell, Richard McKinley, Sally Strand, Bill Hosner, Paul Murray, Marla Bagetta, Lorenzo Chavez, and Aaron Shuerr. I enjoy plein air and studio painting. I teach at the Center in Palos Park, IL and in my studio.

Painting of Mt. Rainier
Uluru in the Outback of Australia
New Zealand Pastel Painting
Pastel painting of a Violet Iris
Pastel Portrait
Pastel painting of apples